Ciara Wilson wears Ciara Chyanne LA's hottest women's fashion brand

Music legend and icon Ciara Wilson, mother and wife of Russell Wilson was spotted this weekend in Las Vegas at the Wynn hotel wearing a Ciara Chyanne oversized snake skin button up jacket. Black twitter was in a rage when they found out the Lovers and Friends festival was canceled due to extreme winds and they would not get to see CiCi perform on stage. Ciara still hit instagram showing off her looks and that included the Ciara Chyanne button up as she strut in some sexy thigh high black leather boots to finish the look. 

Who doesn't love Ciara and her fashion style? This was a very special moment for designer and founder Ciara Chyanne because she has loved Ciara since a young girl listening to 1,2, step and being called that name the majority of her life. Ciara Wilson is the epitome of the Ciara Chyanne woman because she is a woman of faith, she exudes confidence, intellect, and class. She expresses so much love and light and this was an answered pray and dream come true for Ciara Chyanne to see Ciara Wilson wearing her design. Styled by Deonte Nash.


As mother's day approaches, we want to thank this super mom Ciara of 4 children for loving and wearing our design. We appreciate the support!

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4. Los Control (ft. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop) 

5. JUMP (ft. Coast Contra)

6. Get Yp ( feat. Chamillionaire)

7. Ride ( ft. Ludacris)

8. Greatest Love 

9. Da Girls (Girls Mix feat. Lola Brooke & Lady London) 

10. I Bet